NBGCNational Brussels Griffon Club (dog club)
NBGCNirwana Bali Golf Club (Indonesia)
NBGCNational Blind Gardeners Club (UK)
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nBGC incorporated scaffolds showed lower swelling compared to control.
nBGC incorporated scaffolds showed lesser porosity in comparison to control.
Cytocompatibility of [beta]-chitin scaffold (control) and [beta]-chitin/ nBGC composite scaffolds were assessed using Alamar blue assay.
The nBGC particles obtained by sol-gel method were found to have size in the range of 50-150 nm and spherical shaped, indicating their stable nature.
FTIR studies showed strong interaction between nBGC and [beta]-chitin polysaccharide structure.
The spectra of nBGC showed no diffraction peaks indicating the amorphous nature of nBGC [29-31].
The decomposition rates of the composite scaffolds were decreased slightly, due to the presence of nBGC [30].
The composite scaffolds showed lower swelling compared to control with the addition of nBGC due to the strong interaction of nBGC with the [beta]-chitin structure.
The degradation rate was significantly reduced with the addition of nBGC which may be due to neutralization of the acidic degradation products of [beta]-chitin by the alkali groups leaching from nBGC, thus reducing the degradation rate of the scaffold.