NBHDNorth Broward Hospital District (Florida)
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Ko's NBHD team updated me suggesting that Pavulon has replaced Phentolamine, and that the incision for ECMO tubes were started before a patients' heart-beat would stop.
Ko and his NBHD team have accumulated sponsorship of 20 million dollars in total value.
The nbhd degree of a vertex [sup.x] in [sup.G] is defined as
The closed nbhd degree of a vertex [sup.x] in [sup.G] is defined as
3.8 Definition A neutrosophic graph G = ([G.sup.*], [LAMBDA], [THETA]) is called regular if all the vertices have the same open nbhd degree.
Here [x.sub.2] [member of] V, which is adjacent to the vertices [x.sub.1], [x.sub.3], [x.sub.6] with distinct nbhd degrees.
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