NBHWNational Board of Health and Welfare
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Neither caries reports from the NBHW or from SBU address the question of who is "sick" with the disease "caries" [SBU, 2007].
In 2006 the NBHW evaluated male circumcision in the country.
And with resources unable to keep pace with demand, some difficult choices will have to be made about which sectors must reduce expenditure and which services might be discontinued altogether (NBHW, 2003).
The past decade has seen a reduction in the proportions of people aged 80 and over receiving home help and institutional care, and municipalities are planning further cutbacks in institutional care in the years to come (NBHW, 2003).
Of those who did eventually get through, half could see a doctor the same day, and 80% within a week (NBHW, 2003).
(16.) For example, there are large differences in the use of reperfusion treatment of heart attack patients, access to care at stroke units following a stroke and eye operations to treat cataracts (NBHW, 2003).
(see reference 16), Table 8; Elder R, unpublished tables, Edinburgh, UK: ISD, 2001; NBHW, 2000, op.