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NBIANational Business Incubation Association
NBIANeurodegeneration with Brain Iron Accumulation (neurological disorder)
NBIANew Bangkok International Airport
NBIANational BioEnergy Industries Association (Washington, DC)
NBIANational Baking Industry Association (Australia)
NBIANewfoundland Brain Injury Association (Canada)
NBIANetwork Business Information Architecture (Sprint)
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The presence of several known gene mutations and undiscovered genes that might lead to heterogeneous NBIA phenotypes as well as the phenotypic overlap between different types of NBIA, all make diagnosis a challenge.
The CAAC says a high-speed rail link will enable passengers to reach the centre of Beijing from the NBIA in 30 minutes.
Source: the incubatees information are retrieved from NBIA (2010).
The NBIA describes business incubators as programs to assist young companies during their most vulnerable stage, the start-up period.
Approximately half of these total facilities are affiliated with universities [Knopp (2006); NBIA (2009)].
The National Business Incubation Association has again awarded the NBIA Soft Landings International Incubator designation to the@Wales Digital Media Initiative in Cardiff Bay," it begins breathlessly.
A ANPROTEC (Associacao Nacional de Entidades Promotoras de Empreendimentos de Tecnologia Avancada--Brasil, 2002) e a NBIA (National Business Incubator Association--EUA, 2006) definem incubadoras como ambientes especialmente planejados para acolher micro e pequenas empresas nascentes, bem como aquelas que buscam a modernizacao das suas atividades, de forma a transformar ideias em produtos, processos e/ou servicos.
approximately $30 is generated in local tax revenue alone by clients and graduates of NBIA member incubators
She and other NBIA staff were more than happy to forego the hassle of print publication deadlines and last-minute corrections.