NBIBNational Background Investigations Bureau (US OPM)
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In August, 2017, NBIB reported that there were over 700,000 pending DoD investigations that were backlogged for various reasons.
Although, beginning September 2017, Navy worked closely with NBIB to address the "low-hanging fruit" of correcting often repeated errors on the paperwork requesting an investigation, we didn't make significant headway on the issue until January 2018 when the Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence established a branch of her organization dedicated to working collaboratively with NBIB, the Services, the Navy Secretariat and the other agencies of the government to explore, research and develop strategies to truly attack the backlog.
Even though these are very significant numbers, NBIB was working the issue diligently.
By establishing hubbing locations and making the civilian or Sailor readily available for the interviews, NBIB was able to significantly cut the time necessary to locate the individual and coordinate interview times and locations.
In addition to the meaningful work that Navy is doing with NBIB, DoD is in the process of implementing several personnel management and background investigation strategies that will further bring down the backlog.
The NBIB is a new department within OPM that is tasked to perform all further background investigations, but will leverage secure Department of Defense IT systems.