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NBICNational Board Inspection Code (American National Standard)
NBICNano/Bio Interface Center (University of Pennsylvania)
NBICNational Biosurveillance Integration Center (US DHS)
NBICNational Ballistics Imaging Comparison (law enforcement project)
NBICNational Bank of Industry and Commerce
NBICNational Background Investigation Center
NBICNanotechnology, Biology and medicine, Information sciences, and Cognitive Sciences
NBICNarrow-Band Interference Canceller
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Moura previously served as senior vice president of Marketing, Agency, and Client Services for NBIC since 2014 and has more than 20 years of insurance industry experience.
Heritage acquired NBIC in a transaction consisting of USD 210m in cash and USD 40m in shares of its common stock, subject to post-closing adjustments.
El informe de este ultimo, publicado en 2004 (Nordmann, 2004), insiste mucho mas que el informe estadounidense en la necesidad de una regulacion etica del desarrollo de las tecnologias NBIC.
29, NBIC would have had to "commence an investigation" within the shorter of six business days after Nov.
The NBIC aspires to be the innovation hub that sparks the interest for innovation and entrepreneurship among people from all walks of life.
Control values for both bullets and cartridge cases were developed under the first NBIC project, which involved testing of the SRMs over about one year by 19 IBIS operators working on 13 different IBIS stations.
The focus of this criticism was the close linking of the CT conception of this so-called NBIC initiative with visions of far-reaching human enhancement--a technological modification of the human body and an ongoing merging of the human mind with machines.
La convergencia de tecnologias (CT) y la NBIC (nano-bio-info-cogno): expectativas de la "mejora tecnica" de la naturaleza humana.
Isto porque argumentam --a convergencia NBIC requer e resulta possivel pelas capacidades radicalmente novas de entender e manipular a materia em nanoescala desenvolvidas pela nanociencia e a nanotecnologia.
My main goal is to be a contributor in building NBIC to become a super regional homeowners' specialty carrier.
NBIC has a fully integrated system, according to Anselmo.
Technip was looking for a mechanical engineer who could manage the parts of the project that needed to be designed and built to ASME and NBIC code requirements.