NBINNational Biodiversity Information Network (Indonesia)
NBINNational Ballistics Identification Network
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(1) procedure ASH (a, b, n, x, nbin, m, [f.sub.m]) (2) [delta] = (h - a)/nbin; h = m[delta]; (3) for k = 1 ...
After extracting the side subimages of the line segment, the histogram of each primary image is calculated by dividing the range (0-255) into several bins Nbins. Using [H.sub.r1], [H.sub.g1], [H.sub.b1], and [H.sub.r2], [H.sub.g2], [H.sub.b2] represent the histogram vectors of red, green, and blue primary images of each subimage.
Then the modulus function and the sum on nbins are applied.