NBITNikolaus Betzler Information Technology
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NBIT's transit facility located near the Detroit River will be the first location to install the LumaSmart LED Wallpack.
Typically, LumaSmart's LED Wallpack replaces 175 to 200 watt HID fixtures, but the energy management company for NBIT, Hybra Advance Technology, determined that the current 400W isn't very effective.
"Hybra and NBIT have tested all kinds of LED light fixtures," continued Thiel.
Factoring in both energy and maintenance cost savings results in a typical payback on investment of between 2 and 3 years; relative to this LED Wallpack application, NBIT's return on investment is just 18 months (exclusive of any utility incentives).
"We are pleased to provide NBIT with a cost-effective and environmentally-safe lighting solution," said Justin Palm, Director of Sales and Marketing for LumaSmart.
Under the agreement Sigma nBiT would take over the rights for the web-based municipal administration system DiWA, developed jointly by Sigma and Ericsson, and manage it for the municipality of Norrkoping on a four-year contract, Sigma said.
Shekar noted the combination of NBit and MLC technologies lets each of the two storage locations within a cell store four charge levels.
Shekar stressed that the NBit technology is reliable and that it is more scalable than an MLC technology.
Register transfer level (RTL) alike descriptions are enabled with the use of modules collected in the Nbits package.
The library is composed of 3 packages: PAECore package contains the necessary "infrastructure" for area and power estimation: user defined data types and operations, area look-up tables, modules for switching activity monitoring of nodes where parasitic capacities are charged/discharged and other utility functions; the PAEGates package contains modules that provide area and power estimated for several components for a few logic families; the Nbits package configurable size/width circuits (adders, counter, registers) implemented with gates from PAEGates package.
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