NBKRNational Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan)
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Given the recent fall in headline inflation, the moderation of credit growth, and subdued economic prospects, the NBKR could relax monetary policy while remaining vigilant for signs of fiscal and exchange rate pressures.
The prime minister supported my candidacy because fiscal and monetary policy is connected with the monetary policy of the NBKR," he said.
The DEBRA was established as an entity under the NBKR in 1996, initially to help manage and privatize state-owned banks.
He came to the NBKR in 2014 during a slight crisis time when the dollar quickly grew and the NBKR quickly coped with this.
Specialists of NBKR said the next rise of the exchange rate by a major need because of the urge to pay for imports.
Nurgul was approved by the NBKR for the post of the Deputy Chief Accountant of OJSC Kapital Bank.
In the absence of any additional external and internal inflationary shocks, the NBKR does not rule out the possibility of maintaining the current direction of monetary policy in the forthcoming period, Jenish said.
NBKR made its seventh intervention in the forex market in November selling $1 million on November 17.