NBMANon-Broadcast Multi-Access (network)
NBMANon Broadcast Multi Access
NBMANorth Bay Multimedia Association (SFO)
NBMANorthwest Biosolids Management Association
NBMANew Bedford Municipal Airport
NBMANew Brand Makers Agency (advertising; Russia)
NBMANorth Bay Merchants Association (Santa Rosa, CA)
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Nigeria mid this year joined the league of African states with national biosafety laws and biosafety, leading to the establishment of NBMA.
NBMA Next Hop Resolution Protocol (NHRP), [En linea].
Rufus Ebegba has said that the imported GM maize that was impounded at Apapa Wharf was repatriated back to its country of origin because the importers failed to comply with the NBMA 2015 act.
However, IGMP is not defined on NBMA networks, so while these networks can support the forwarding of multicast datagrams, they cannot support directly connected group members.