NBMBAANational Black MBA Association, Inc.
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Thorpe established fruitful communications with the NBMBAA Atlanta Chapter President Charmaine Ward.
The Atlanta Chapter of the NBMBAA celebrates 30 years of dedication and commitment to the creation of economic and intellectual wealth in the African-American community, standing firm on the commitment to deliver excellence in their People, Programs and Profitability.
The NBMBAA is dedicated to the creation of economic and intellectual wealth for the black community.
Specifically, the NBMBAA has been perceived as being too focused on helping African-Americans secure MBAs, and not focused enough on the survival and advancement strategies black professionals need once they've earned the coveted degree.
For the NBMBAA, those resources include African-Americans in high places, both in city government and the corporate sector, from such companies as AnheuserBusch Cos.