NBMGNevada Bureau of Mines Geology (research unit, Mackay School of Mines; University of Nevada at Reno)
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DESCRIPTION: Sample NBMG 20588 preserves a simple unbranching cylindrical burrow preserved in convex hyporelief, with a length of 106.
A) NBMG 20587, ichnofossil from the Devonian (Emsian) Campbellton Formation, with accompanying close up of Monomorphichnus multilineatus (white arrows), and Helminthoidichites tenuis (black arrows).
A) NBMG 20584, ichnofossils from the Devonian (Emsian) Campbellton Formation.
New Brunswick Museum collection: NBMG 3411 + 3412/1 + NBMG 3413 (here Figs.
19) + New Brunswick Museum collection: NBMG 7721 (labelled as Ramicalamus dumosus); NBMG 3429 (holotype of Asterophyllites fasciculatus--here Fig.
a) Annularia inflata together with Laveineopteris polymorpha (x 1), NBMG 7649.
The original plaster cast was reposited in the New Brunswick Museum palaeontology collection (NBM Palaeontology file NBMG 3044) and designated as the holotype specimen of Isocampe lepreauense (NBMG 3044; Figs.
Documents accompanying the specimen indicated that Sarjeant and Stringer were preparing a second written report, but it was never published (NBM Palaeontology file NBMG 3047).
Although both sets of trackways have been re-examined in the field, and latex moulds made in 1989, the two original plaster casts reposited in the New Brunswick Museum (NBMG 3044 and NBMG 3047) preserve better detail and were used for the descriptions herein.
Material: Sixteen specimens on 4 rock slabs, NBMG 11013 - 11016.
Additional specimens: NBMG 11014/1 - 2; NBMG 11015/1 - 2; NBMG 11016/1
Outer surfaces of tubes are typically smooth; superficial and irregularly developed wrinkles/striations on NBMG 11014/1 -2, 11016/1 are considered compactional and n ot primary features.