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NBNNational Broadband Network (Philippines)
NBNNagoya Broadcasting Network (Japan)
NBNNational Biodiversity Network (UK nature conservation)
NBNNefesh B'Nefesh (Jewish Souls United)
NBNNews Broadcast Network
NBNNewbern (Amtrak station code; Newbern, TN)
NBNNational Broadcasting Network
NBNNaughty By Nature (band)
NBNNothing but Noodles (restaurants; various locations)
NBNNational Bibliography Number
NBNNext Big Nashville (music festival; Nashville, TN)
NBNNational Bingo Night (ABC-TV)
NBNNational Biospecimen Network
NBNNarrow-Band Noise
NBNNational Black Network
NBNNet-By-Net (route planning approach)
NBNNothing But Neopets (web site)
NBNNational Banking Network, Inc. (Virginia Beach, VA)
NBNNaval Battleforce Network
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We are pleased to see such a large jump in the CVC acquired by retailers from NBN Co this quarter.
Speedcast's wholly owned subsidiary and dedicated entity, Speedcast Managed Services, will partner with NBN Co to design, build and manage NBN Co's enterprise satellite services.
Arroyo was also indicted for playing golf and having lunch with ZTE officials when its proposal to undertake the NBN deal was still being evaluated by the Philippine government.
By late 2016 seven years after the launch of the NBN over two million premises were able to connect to the NBN.
The cost of Optus' five-year satellite and broadband contract with NBN Co.
BEIRUT: A metal bottle thought to be a bomb was found overnight outside the local NBN television station in Beirut, a security source said Monday.
The rollout of Australia's NBN is the most comprehensive broadband plan in the world and we are excited to deliver part of the satellite ground portion," said Mark Dankberg, chairman and CEO of ViaSat Inc.
CONTENTS I Introduction II NBN Co as a Government Business Enterprise III The NBN Offering: Wholesale Layer 2 Bitstream Services IV Interconnection to the NBN A Policy Debate and NBN Co's Original Proposal B NBN Co's Revised Proposal and Its Reception C Potential for a Domestic Claim on Interconnection D ACCC Recommendation and NBN Co's Final Proposal E Australia's Interconnection Obligations Regarding NBN Co 1 Reference Paper s 2.
com - NBN's multimedia video and audio content hosting and social sharing portal - the re-launched NBN official corporate site is aimed at helping public relations pros understand the ins and outs of broadcast and new media PR.
The city has provided guidance to NBN largely through use of data and dissemination of best practices from elsewhere.
The NBN is a voluntary network that aims to improve the collection and compilation of information about UK Wildlife in order to ensure the future of our natural environment.
NBN Plymbridge was formed when US-based distributor NBN bought Plymbridge from receivers and set about collecting the company's debts.