NBOMENational Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners
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NBOMe are a subgroup of phenethylamines, with psychedelic effects, that derive fundamentally from 2C series compound through the insertion of a methoxybenzyl group (BOMe) at the level of amino nitrogen (Bersani et al., 2014).
NBOMe act as partial agonists with a high affinity of the serotonin receptor 5-HT2A (Zuba, Sekula & Buczek, 2013), as well as a possible agonist a-1 adrenergic activity (Tang, Ching, Tsui, Chu & Mak, 2014).
Also, conversely from the safety expected from LSD, consumption of NBOMe (especially 25I-NBOMe) has caused social alarm due to more than ten deaths reported since 2012 (Andreasen, Telving, Rosendal, Eg, Hasselstrom & Andersen, 2015; Kueppers & Cooke, 2015).
Also, phenethylamines, such as NBOMe series, new synthetic opioids, new generation dissociative anesthetics, piperazines or natural products such as mushrooms or vegetables with a traditional use, have been detected within recreational consumption.
Police found about 1,150,000 tabs at the flat in Greenock but the vast majority had yet to be dipped with Nbome.
NBOMe Compounds: A Review of the Evidence of Use and Harm.
She told Coroner Philip Comyn the teenager died of cardiac arrest after taking the drug 251 NBOMe. Five other people who swallowed the same powdered substance also became ill.
Adam Halberstadt and Mark Geyer, psychopharmacologists at the University of California, San Diego, ran a similar battery of tests to confirm the hallucinogenic properties of NBOMes. When hallucinating, mice start quickly twitching their heads, the researchers reported last year in Neuropharmacology.
NBOMes chemically resemble mescaline, a compound found in the peyote cactus.
NBOMes can be dissolved and sold on paper blotters.
But with NBOMes, "If the person making the blotter puts a little bit too much, people die," he says.
This lack of consistency in dosing is not limited to NBOMes. Spice is typically sprayed on plant leaves (often from the herb marshmallow) before being packaged and sold.