NBOMENational Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners
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In the last year especially there's been a growing chorus among both users and vendors that selling NBOMes as LSD will be the new drug's downfall, Suzuki says.
Caption: NBOMes are sold on colorful paper blotters, just like LSD, but their effects can be more severe.
Suzuki et al/psychosomatics2015 Designer drug's Designer Classic Shared desired negative drug drug effects effects Spice Marijuana A mellow high Psychosis, stroke, heart attack, kidney damage NBOMes LSD Psychedelic Delirium, trips, paranoia, hallucinations violence, seizures, racing heart, spiking blood pressure Bath salts Cocaine, Euphoria, Excited amphetamines alertness, delirium, energetic high dehydration, hyperthermia, muscle breakdown, kidney failure