NBPDNewport Beach Police Department (California)
NBPDNew Bedford Police Department (Massachusetts)
NBPDNon-Bacteremic Pneumococcal Disease
NBPDNew Britain Police Department (New Britain, CT)
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"The amended complaint, names six defendants: BCSD Sheriff Thomas Hodgson, Officer Deschenes, Officer Goncalves, NBPD Chief of Police Joseph Cordeiro, Officer Rodrigues, and the City of New Bedford.
E-bike crash data were provided by NBPD. Three criteria were used for extracting the e-bike crash data from the NBPD electric crash database: (a) at least one of the collision objects is e-bike; (b) the crash data period was consistent with the questionnaire survey period in order to match the survey time; (c) the collision records should contain the full information of date, time, location, collision types, crash severity, and a range of other items such as e-bike rider's gender, license plates number, identification number, and telephone number.
"The North Brookfield Police Department and North Brookfield Savings Bank have always enjoyed a great working relationship, and this donation is a great benefit to the community we share,'' said NBPD Chief of Police Aram Thomasian Jr.