NBPGNursing Best Practice Guidelines (Registered Nurses Association of Ontario; Canada)
NBPGNepal Biogas Promotion Group (est. 1994)
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Moreover, the PP was significantly higher in the HBPG than in the NBPG, both at rest and after maximal exercise.
Abbreviations HBPG: High blood pressure group NBPG: Normal blood pressure group CAD: Coronary artery disease SBP: Systolic blood pressure DBP: Diastolic blood pressure BP: Blood pressure GXT: Graded exercise test RBP: Resting blood pressure BMI: Body mass index (BMI) RER: Respiratory exchange rates V[O.sub.2max]: Maximal oxygen consumption RPE: Perceived exertion PP: Pulse pressure (PP) EIH: Exercise-induced hypertension.
As the NBPG block generates the DOLC signal, the SerDes block transmits the 2 ns pulse signal using the parallel-to-serial converter through the DAC module.
Name Definition Clock signals of the PLL block to convert the 50 LC/HC MHz external clock into a 100 MHz clock and a 500 MHz clock RST Reset signal to control the NBPG block RST Data output signal at which the NBPG block RST DOLC generates a pulse signal with a 10 ns pulse width on every PRI RST PG data output signal generated by the RST DOHC SerDes blocks of a 2 ns/4 ns/6 ns/8 ns/10 ns pulse width TABLE III.