NBPLNaval Base Point Loma (San Diego, CA)
NBPLNorth Bergen Public Library (North Bergen, NJ)
NBPLNorth Bend Public Library (Oregon and Nebraska)
NBPLNational Beer Pong League
NBPLNew Braunfels Public Library (New Braunfels, TX)
NBPLNew Brighton Public Library (New Brighton, PA)
NBPLNorth Bellmore Public Library (North Bellmore, NY)
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Table 4 shows that 24hour BPL (SBPL and DBPL), dBPL, and nBPL in Group 2 were significantly higher than those in Group 1 and the Control Group (P<0.01).
Eighty-eight cases (57.1%) exhibited abnormal BPM, and among 108 cases with both normal CBP and ABP, 51 cases (47.2%) exhibited abnormal BPM, and 33 cases (30.6%) exhibited increased BPL; 76 cases (49.4%) exhibited increased BPL, among whom 17 cases exhibited increased dBPL, and 59 cases exhibited increased nBPL. Increased nBPL accounted for the majority, especially nDBPL.
In 53 cases, dBPL increased, and 75 cases exhibited increased nBPL. The increased nBPL still accounted for the majority, but nSBPL was higher than nDBPL (50/25).
Among all patients in this study, 204 cases (58.3%) exhibited BPL increasing; 134 cases (65.7%) exhibited nBPL increasing, and the increased degrees of nSBPL and nDBPL were similar (66/68), indicating that the BPL increasing in patients with CKD who had normal CBP mainly occurred at night.
To arrive at its ratings, CRISIL has combined the business and financial risk profiles of NBPL and its group companies Steel city Beverages Pvt Ltd (SCBPL), SMV Beverages Pvt Ltd (SBPL) and Tripty Drinks Pvt Ltd (TDPL).
This spare capacity will surface primarily on the TCPL, NBPL and GTN systems.
Transporting 100% Alaskan gas (4.5 Bcf/d) on TCPL and NBPL by using spare capacity makes the most sense compared to other pipeline scenarios.
Midwest area by means of the TCPL East main line and NBPL systems.
The Foothills Saskatchewan pipeline receives gas at the McNeill border station located next to Empress and delivers gas to NBPL at the U.S.
The ratings on NBPL derive implicit support by the sponsoring institution, National Bank of Pakistan (KAR:NBP).
A new business strategy will be developed over due course and its impact, if any, on the risk profile of NBPL will be monitored by JCR-VIS.