NBPPNew Black Panther Party
NBPPNumber of Bits per Pixel
NBPPNevada Building Performance Professionals
NBPPNeonatal Brachial Plexus Palsy
NBPPNavy-Berkeley Pulsar Processor (astrophysics)
NBPPNational Best Practice Project (fish waste management; UK)
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4 Step2.5.1: For each slot S[L.sup.H.sub.i] in Hc // [for all] i=1,..., N-1 { Compute [Seg.sub.i,j]such that [Seg.sub.i,j]=(HC-[Seg.sub.i-1j]/S[K.sub.5])+(HC/100x S[K.sub.N])+ N; (6) } // for each slot S[L.sup.H.sub.i] }// for each slot S[L.sup.W.sub.i] Step 2.6:Compute[Seg.sub.N,j]; [mathematical expression not reproducible] (7) }// for each color component }// Algorithm1 4.3 Calculate a number of bits per pixel (Nbpp)
All of the patients had NBPP, with one case of bilateral brachial plexus palsy (noted as two patients from the report by Adedeji and Oyelese [2009] in Table 1 for purposes of analysis).
One group--on the basis of a single case of transient NBPP and potentially flawed pressure measurements--has suggested that the threshold for NBPP in the human is 100 Newtons.
In this sample, when evaluating the values of blood pressure and anthropometric data we observed significantly mean higher values in previously preeclamptic women (PE) for BMI (27.05 [+ or -] 4.79, P = 0.033), WC (89.54 [+ or -] 15.64, P = 0.004), systolic blood pressure (134.99 [+ or -] 16.50, P < 0.001), and diastolic blood pressure (85.93 [+ or -] 18.28, P < 0.001), when compared with NBPP (Table 3).
Cannon appears in a videotaped interview with NBPP's national chief of staff, Hashim Nzinga, who has a history of anti-Semitism.
The NBPP emerged in the early 1990s, and it is not tied to the Black Panthers from the 1960s.
The NBPP, the NSM, and their affiliates all came under fire for openly proclaiming that a "race war" was coming and that they intended to participate in the slaughter.
Upon announcing his departure from the NBPP, rumors began to circulate.
Although the NBPP is now deemed to be in a consolidation phase, the Team believes that it has not yet reached the stage of full implementation for a number of reasons.
The new Commissioner of Police, former Mountie John Joseph Trainor, was responsible to the Attorney General and given a mandate similar to that of the NBPP: liquor control, highway traffic and general policing.
Lawsuits that center on NBPP often feature plaintiff expert witnesses who claim that the only way a permanent brachial plexus injury can occur is by a clinician applying "excessive" traction on the fetal head during delivery.
The NBPP is a controversial black extremist party whose leaders are notorious for their racist statements and for leading anti-white activism.