NBPTN-(N-Butyl) Thiophosphoric Triamide
NBPTNewburyport (Massachusetts)
NBPTNo Break Power Transfer
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02% w/w NBPT 17 to -5 23-70 -4 to 6 10 54 <2 0-36 Urease inhibitor 3 plus -11 -28 nitrification 0-5 inhibitor 9 0 -2 Range or mean effect of EEF or technology vs reference conventional source (%) Direct [N.
On the other hand, the use of urease inhibitors such as NBPT, used in the SuperN[R], delayed the release of N[H.
00% NBPT (wt/wt) were higher than other treatments its grain and straw yields were 7730 and 4944 kg ha-1 in early rice; 8258 and 6024 kg ha-1 in late rice.
Effects on BSW at Grain Filling Stage in Different NBPT Rates with Urea
Rawluk CDL, Grant CA, Racz GJ (2001) Ammonia volatilization from soils fertilized with urea and varying rates of urease inhibitor NBPT.
Watson CJ, Stevens RJ, Laughlin RJ (1990) Effectiveness of the urease inhibitor NBPT (N-(n-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide) for improving the efficiency of urea for ryegrass production.
Os tratamentos consistiram na combinacao de duas condicoes de umidade do solo por ocasiao da primeira aplicacao de N em cobertura no inicio do perfilhamento do arroz (solo umido, com umidade gravimetrica de aproximadamente 16%, e solo saturado, com umidade gravimetrica de aproximadamente 24%), duas fontes de nitrogenio (ureia nao tratada e ureia tratada com o inibidor de urease NBPT, na concentracao de 0,05%) e tres intervalos de tempo entre a primeira aplicacao de N em cobertura e a entrada de agua na lavoura (um, cinco e 10 dias).
1] for the urea, urea + DMPP and urea + NBPT treatments respectively; and corresponding protein contents on average were 17.
Studies on the benefits of NBPT to wheat cropping have shown that it can improve yield under some conditions (Karamanos et al.