NBPTSNational Board for Professional Teaching Standards
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Everhart and Dresang (2007) acknowledged this void by conducting a study to assess the needs of school librarians who participated in the NBPTS certification process.
These should be designed following the specific standards and rubrics set up by NBPTS, which are listed in the instruction manual.
I mention these contemporary K-12 credentialing processes from the INTASC and NBPTS here for two reasons.
Each NBPTS certificate is customized by standards specific to the particular subject area and developmental level.
Accordingly, it is critical that HBCUs and NBPTS strengthen our partnership as a way to create more opportunities for African-American teachers to achieve National Board Certification.
Efforts to achieve this goal have been ongoing for decades; however, the most effective sustainable effort to date has been the work of the NBPTS.
Whilst at ACER, she conducted assessments of teachers against the ASTA National Professional Standards for Highly Accomplished Teachers of Science using a portfolio system similar to that of NBPTS.
National Board Certification process is highly extensive and it involves yearlong assessment of actual teaching practice based on rigorous standards established by NBPTS (NBPTS, 2002b).
Teachers with NBPTS certification receive a permanent 12 percent boost in salary.
Most states and a growing number of districts in the USA now offer extra rewards, including annual bonuses and higher salaries to encourage teachers to apply for NBPTS certification.
2005; Evans, 2002) include fairness (Evans, 2002; NBPTS, 2002; NCATE, 2001), being democratic (Evans, 2002; NBPTS, 2002; Taylor & Wasicsko, 2000), empathy (Major & Brock, 2003; Ryan & Alcock, 2002; Suarez, 2003), enthusiasm (Erickson et al, 2005; Taylor & Wasicsko, 2000), thoughtfulness (NBPTS, 2002), and respectfulness (Evans, 2002; Evans & Nicholson, 2003; NBPTS, 2002; Wagner, 2001; Wayda &Lund, 2005).