NBRDNederlandse Bond tot het Redden van Drenkelingen (Dutch lifeguard organization)
NBRDNational Board for Regional Development (Romania)
NBRDNon-Bank Regulation Department (Nepal)
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We also considered four alternative nonstructural VAR specifications from the literature, such as Eichenbaum's (1992) re-ordering of the four-variable model: (P, Y, NBRD, FF).
The variable NBRD corresponds to minus one times the log of nonborrowed reserves, FF corresponds to the federal funds rate, EMPL corresponds to the log of employment, RSALES corresponds to the level of retail sales, TRADE PROF corresponds to the level of profits in the retail trade sector, NF PROF corresponds to the level of profits of non financial corporations, and MFG INV corresponds to manufacturing inventories.
5 percent drop (recall a positive shock to NBRD corresponds to a negative shock to NBR).