NBRENGFI-B (Nerve Growth Factor-Induced Gene-B) Response Element
NBRENorth Bundaberg Real Estate (North Bundaberg, QLD, Australia)
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Effects ofMEKT1 on the Interaction between Nur77/Nurr1 and NurRE, Tpit and TpitRE, and Nur77 and NBRE on the Pomc Promoter.
This experiment showed the importance of the responsive elements NurRE, TpitRE, and NBRE in the MEKT1-mediated suppression of Pomc promoter activity.
The proximal binding sequence termed NBRE (--69/-63) is known to be bound by the Nur77 monomer [31, 33] and the distal NurRE, composed of two inverted NBRE related sites (-404/-397 and -390/-383) is recognized to be bound by the Nur77/Nurr1 heterodimer or Nur77 homodimer.
Based on these data, we again examined the transcriptional activity of the site directed mutation of NurRE (NurRE mut), TpitRE (TpitRE mut), and NBRE (NBRE mut).
We can conclude as shown in Figure 11 that Nur77/Nurr1 heterodimer binding element NurRE (-383/-404), Tpit responsive element TpitRE (-309/-316), and Nur77 monomer responsive element NBRE (-63/-69) play important roles in Pomc expression [32, 33, 40].
Caption: FIGURE 6: Effects of MEKT1 on Pomc promoter deletion mutants and role of NurRE, TpitRE, and NBRE on MEKT1-mediated effect on Pomc promoter activity in AtT20 cells.