NBRMNational Bank of the Republic of Macedonia
NBRMNegative Binomial Regression Model
NBRMNew Brunswick Railway Museum (Hillsborough, New Brunswick, Canada)
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Despite of the falling prices, NBRM underlines that the situation with housing loans is stable.
6) In Table 5, I report results from both the NBRM and ZINB.
9% rate, opposite to NBRM securities (Central Bank bills) that provided secured 39.
Our empirical approach begins with the estimation of our model by four different econometric methodologies (PRM, NBRM, ZIP and ZINB) (see detailed results in appendix 2).
The control variables used in the NBRM, and the rationale for their inclusions, are summarized in Table 1b.
According to the NBRM, the latest data on the gross foreign exchange reserves in the fourth quarter of last year reveal quarterly growth, which is a better achievement than what was expected with the October projection.
Coins disappeared and didn't circulate because citizens didn't treat them the same way they treat banknotes, and would often lose them", stress from NBRM.
Consequently, the NBRM had to maintain the stability of the nominal exchange rate by injecting liquid assets into the banking system by auctioning bank credits.
According to the State Statistical Office, 356, 4 million dollars generated into the country in 2008 while according to the NBRM, the amount totaled 600 million dollars.
The Ministry of Finance says that their projections are close to those of the NBRM.
The European Central Bank (ECB) and the National Bank of (FYR) Macedonia (NBRM) completed a cooperation programme aimed at helping the NBRM to advance its preparations for joining the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) once the country has acceded to the European Union.
The latest NBRM report also shows growing stratification.