NBSCNational Bank of South Carolina
NBSCNational Bureau of Statistics of China (business data)
NBSCNational Board for Safeguarding Children (Ireland; est. 2006)
NBSCNational Black Sisters' Conference (Catholic women's group; Washington, DC)
NBSCNew Bridge Street Consultants LLP (London, UK)
NBSCNitride Bonded Silicon Carbide
NBSCNew Brunswick Safety Council (Canada; now Safety Services New Brunswick)
NBSCNew Bedford Seafood Consulting (Massachusetts)
NBSCNew Business Steering Committee
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The NBSC database classifies the ownership forms and structures of Chinese firms into four types: SOEs, collectives, reformed incorporated firms, and newly created private firms (see Appendix 2 for detailed definitions).
La pagina web del INDEC publico que sus autoridades tuvieron una reunion de trabajo en abril de 2010 con funcionarios del NBSC.
The Fujitsu Group contributed to the project by providing NBSC with high-duty, high-performance scanners of the fi-Series (the world's no.
It can be seen from NBSC (2008) that in 2007, overseas construction enterprises including OREDs had a profit to gross output value ratio around 5% whereas that of the locals was at only 3.
The NBSC which is affiliated to the MoH, revealed that in 1999 only 250 women visited the centre for a breast examination.
Still, the time was right in 1968, said Chappell, for black women to celebrate their gifts of womanhood and religious vocation in solidarity with the founding of NBSC.
NBSC are always looking for the swimming talent of the future and volunteers.
According to Wong and Bird (2008) and NBSC (2011), after rising gradually in absolute real terms between 1980 and the mid-1990s, total government revenues as a share of GDP more than doubled between 1995 and 2010.
In a second case the NBSC found the diocese's policy was to give only minimal information to gardai in relation to the priest accused of sex abuse.
Our study is based on the First National Economic Census in 2004, conducted by the NBSC.
The NBSC (National Board for Safeguarding Children) said it was satisfied with how he was implementing its recommendations and the HSE, because of his cooperation, didn't feel it warranted to refer the diocese to the Dublin Commission.