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NbTiNational Bankruptcy Training Institute (US DOJ; Columbia, SC)
NbTiNational Bloodhound Training Institute (est. 1999)
NbTiNorthwest Bio-Technic, Inc. (British Virgin Islands)
NbTiNews by Teens International (website)
NbTiNegative Biased Temperature Instability
NbTiNational Blood Transfusion Institute (Belgrade, Serbia)
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Since, as was shown, the geometrical dimensions of the magnetic energy storage, including the cross-sectional dimensions of the coils, depend on the initial parameters, the distribution of the field of scattering was calculated, as before, for the storage's energy capacity of w = 450 MJ and the properties of the superconducting wire based on NbTi.
The NBTI program developed by REDX covers a new class of antibiotics targeting bacterial type II topoisomerase.
The synthetic molecules contained in the NBTI program are claimed to perfectly complement the natural products derived from the Deinove strains.
Parthasarathy, "NBTI degradation: from physical mechanisms to modelling," Microelectronics Reliability, vol.
via dipyridamole, NBTI or ENT1-s1RNA mediated knockdown) enhances anti-folate or 5-FU-induced cytotoxicity and anti-tumor activity (Smith et al., 2000).
Also, 65 tons of niobium-titanium (NbTi) poloidal field conductor (25% of project needs) have been produced by China, Europe and the Russian Federation.
Bloom, "Charge Gain, NBTI, and random telegraph noise in EEPROM flash memory devices," IEEE Electron Device Letters, vol.
According to the characterization of NBTI reported in [19], the shift in the PMOS threshold voltage [V.sub.th] caused by NBTI is strongly dependent on the VDD value.
Topics include combating NBTI degradation via gate sizing, characterizing standard cell behavior at 90nm and below, speculative energy scheduling for LDPC decoding, and recursive function smoothing of half-perimeter wire length for analytical placement.
announced its VersaTile probe cards with a -65[degrees]C to 300[degrees]C operating temperature range for low leakage measuring of off currents, and a way to increase test throughput during wafer level reliability tests such as HCI, NBTI, TDDB and BTS.
Keywords: Superconducting coil, ITER, fault current limiting element, quenching, NbTi, [Nb.sub.3]Sn, [Bi.sub.2][Sr.sub.2][Ca.sub.2][Cu.sub.3][O.sub.10+x], Y[Ba.sub.2][Cu.sub.3]O7.