NBUFNational Black United Front
NBUFNational Black United Fund
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Both cottage and acidified Cheddar WPC 80 NBUF samples had lower intensities of cardboard flavor and higher sweet aromatic flavors.
Protein solubility was generally unaffected by neutralization, but turbidity was lower in the WPC 80 NBUF samples compared to the control acidic WPC 80 or WPC 80 NAUF samples.
"NBUF: Twenty Years and Still Organizing" in New York Amsterdam News (vol.90, no.25, June 17-June 23, 1999), p.35.
"NBUF and the African Centered Curriculum Movement" in National State of the Race Conference (edited by Jemadari Kamara; with the assistance of Lasana James-Akachi).
Other speakers included Imari Obadele of the Republic of New Afrika, who issued the 1987 call for the formation of N'COBRA; Charles Ogletree, co-chair of the Reparations Coordinating Committee; Gary Grant of the Black Farmers Association; Maulana Karenga, recognized as the founder of Kwanzaa; Ron Daniels of the Center for Constitutional Rights and the Institute of the Black World; Senghor Baye of the United Negro Improvement Association (UNIA); Harriet Frost of the Rosewood (Florida) Idella Carrier Foundation; Conrad Worrill of NBUF; Malik Shabazz of the New Black Panther Party; Damu Smith of Black Voices for Peace; Hilary Shelton of the NAACP; and Omale Yeshetule of the African Peoples Socialist Party.
For me, a product of the '60s, the best part of this day was our march from the park to the Capitol, where the demonstration called by NBUF and D12 was being held.
Some of the most important work carried out by NBUF affiliates was against police brutality and, for a few, over electoral issues, but little was done in organising the unemployed (or semi-employed), supporting union organising efforts or, for that matter, over issues of economic justice.
In practice, the add-on programmatic approach, such as in the NBUF, involved more doing for the Black worker, rather than the Black worker doing for him or herself.