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NBVNet Book Value
NBVNykterhetsrörelsens Bildningsverksamhet (Swedish: Educational activityof the Sobriety Movement)
NBVNederlandse Bijenhouders Vereniging (Dutch: Dutch Beekeepers Association)
NBVNetwerk Bewust Verbruiken (Dutch: Network Conscious Consumption; Belgium)
NBVNew Business Value (life insurance)
NBVNational Bank of Vanuatu
NBVNew Business Venture
NBVNothing But Volleyball
NBVNorthern Best Value (Canadian food brand)
NBVNavigation-Based Vehicle speed
NBVNon Bus Vectored
NBVNatural Born Voyeur (movie)
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NBV said: "I can get on with my life again without looking over my shoulder."
DSD made a complaint to the Met in 2003, while NBV contacted them after she was attacked in July 2007.
Likewise, New Business Value (NBV) increased 1% to [euro]0.6 billion.
Each candidate has two strategies: buying votes (BV) and not buying votes (NBV).
Pulau virus was isolated from bat urine collected on Tioman Island in 2000; it is closely related to the Nelson Bay virus (NBV) isolated from a pteropid bat in 1968 in Australia (8).
The NPIAC recommendations also suggested that the CPGs form part of the endorsement process, through the Nurses Board of Victoria (NBV).
ee=1e-100;X=[];Y=[];dt0=.01; v01=3.2; nb=12; nbv=1:nb;x(nbv)=0;x=x';y=x;vx=x; vy=x;kb(1:nb)=2e-3;kb(5:9)=0; for ii=1:250; y(1)=0; vy(1)=0.08*(rand-0.5); x(1)=-1; vx(1)=v01;x(2:nb)=-0.25; y(2:end)=0.002*((2:nb)-nb/2 -1); for kk=1:100; for jj=1:nb; xj=x(jj); yj=y(jj); vxj=vx(jj);vyj=vy(jj); xb=xj-x;yb=yj-y; rb2=ee+xb.^2+yb.^2; rb=sqrt(rb2); fb=kb'./rb2; fxb=fb.*xb./rb; fyb=fb.*yb./rb; fx=sum(fxb);fy=sum(fyb); ax=fx;ay=fy; dt=dt0; if jj > 1;dt=0;end; vxj=vxj+dt*ax; vyj=vyj+dt*ay; xj=xj+dt*vxj; yj=yj+dt*vyj;x(jj)=xj; y(jj)=yj; vx(jj)=vxj; vy(jj)=vyj; end; if abs(x(1)) > 1.5 | abs(y(1)) > 1;break;end; X=[ X;x'];Y=[Y;y'];end;end; figure(1);plot(X,Y); The inner loop jj adds the forces over all the particles, then we advance in time in the kk loop to give one path (trajectory).
India, April 29 -- MAG has launched a new modular NBV vertical machining centre (VMC), which can be configured for 3-axis to 5-axis/mill-turn work.
It is important to stand out that, in BetaServ Brazil's case, for the company's EVA calculation, besides the categories described above for the Units' level, there is still the capital cost application over the following assets: AP (Accounts Payable); the NBV of the assets are allocated in the Units, including the equipment not allocated in the Units; and all those referring to central administration and the capital adjustments.
If the course offered by the TAFE institutions gains accreditation from VRQA the next and final stage of approval will go to the Nurses Board of Victoria (NBV).