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NC-4National Center 4 (Crystal City, Arlington, VA)
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Roosevelt, contracts were signed with Glenn Curtiss, an early pilot and flight enthusiast, for four large NC (Navy-Curtiss) seaplanes, the NC-1, the NC-2, the NC-3 and the NC-4. The plan was to fly all four across the ocean, but only the NC-4 made it all the way.
But on May 8, 1919, the NC-1, the NC-3 and the NC-4 (the NC-2 had been cannibalized for parts for the other three) lumbered into the sky from the naval air station at Rockaway and headed for St.
When Charles Lindbergh landed in Paris eight years later, he said that "Alcock and Brown showed me the way." He also paid tribute to the NC-4 and her crew.