NC-SINetwork Controller - Sideband Interface
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In addition, applying laser radiation allowed online detection of the Raman spectra providing thereby the capabilities to monitor the temperature, partial volume, and nanocrystal sizes in nc-Si composite during its formation and showing the possibility to control efficiently the crystallization process by varying the intensity and irradiation time of laser light.
This phase was formed as a result of MIC from the amorphous Si phase, in which the nc-Si phase formation was facilitated by laser irradiation [23].
Figure 5 summarizes effects of such irradiation on the nc-Si parameters.
Figure 6 shows experimentally obtained dependencies of Si nanocrystals size and partial volume of nc-Si phase on the power density of 10 ns duration laser pulses in sample #7.
To sum up, in contrast to samples #2 and #6 that already contained the nc-Si phase before irradiation and exhibited a pronounced growth of the crystalline phase partial volume with the increased irradiation intensity, the fully amorphous samples #7 and #8 did not show crystallization at the same irradiation conditions.
The distribution of both the dominant crystal size L and the nc-Si partial volume [X.sub.c] was significantly broader for these samples than for the samples studied in the previous sections.
* NC-SI signals provide a way of connecting BMC (baseboard management controller) on the carrier board