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NC1Nominal Correction One
NC1Non-Collagenous Domain
NC1Node Controller 1
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In general terms, the incorporation of nanogels in PHEMA hydrogels with low concentration of crosslinker, resulted in an improvement in the values of E (NC1 versus NC3, NC4, NC7, and NC8), with a maximum increase by 72.5%.
The limited capacity of a project to anticipate the case-specific vulnerability of natural resources and to mitigate resulting shocks can lead to practically null outcomes, as the regression analysis of the outcome PO2 shows for the variables NC1 and NC4 (Table 6).
The NC1, NC2, NC3, and NC4 load-displacement curves are shown in Figure 12.
Participant L1 Age Level in institute Control Group DC (M) Chinese 28 6 GC (M) Chinese 40 Institute grad KC (F) Chinese 25 5 NC1 (M) Japanese 29 3 NC2 (M) Thai 25 5 PC (F) Thai 34 6 TC (M) Chinese 30 5 VC (F) Chinese 23 4 Treatment Group AE (F) Chinese 24 Institute grad JE1 (M) Thai 43 5 JE2 (F) Chinese 19 5 KE1(F) Chinese 20 5 KE2 (M) Japanese 21 4 LE (F) Chinese 24 4 ME (F) Chinese 25 5 NE (F) Thai 26 5 OE (M) Thai 29 5 SE (F) Japanese 19 6 XE (F) Chinese 39 4 Appendix B.
At harvest, the measurements of the cladodes (CT thickness, CL--length, CW--width, CP--perimeter and CA--cladode area per order of appearance: B--basal; 1--first order; 2--second order; 3--third order) and of the plant (TNC--total number of cladodes of the plant per order of appearance NC1, NC2 and NC3, PH--height and PW--width of the plant, CAI--cladode area index) were obtained through biometric campaign.
The protomer has a 7S domain at the N-terminal, a collagenous part in the middle, and a noncollagenous (NC1) domain at the C-terminal [14].
(2011), with no enzymes; (2) NC1: negative control, diet with reductions of 75 kcal [kg.sup.-1] AME, 0.20 CP, 0.029% of digestible lysine, 0.020% digestible methionine + cystine, 0.014% digestible threonine, 0.10 Ca and 0.10% available P with no enzymes; (3) NC1 + EC1: diet NC1 with enzyme complex 1 (EC1); (4) NC2: negative control, with 7% over-estimated crude protein and amino acids of soybean meal, with no enzymes; (5) NC2+EC2: diet NC2 with enzyme complex 2 (EC2); (6) NC3: negative control, with nutritional reductions similar to NC1 and over-estimation of soybean meal (+7% for crude protein and amino acids), with no enzymes; (7) NC3+EC1+EC2: diet NC3 with enzyme complexes 1 and 2 (EC1 and EC2).
OTTO has released new Revo NC1 speaker microphones, the company said.
Type IV collagen, a network-forming n type,14 and laminins are the most abundant building blocks of the basement membrane.14-17 Collagen can take part in signal transduction via transmembrane receptors, such as integrins.16,18 Moreover, it was shown that the non-collagenous (NC1) domain of collagen takes part in the regulation of adhesion, proliferation and apoptosis in various cell types via their interactions with integrins, such as a6b1.