NC2Negative Cofactor 2
NC2Nuclear Command and Control
NC2Normal Control Group 2
NC2Navigation Control Console
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Young's modulus (E) increases with crosslinker concentration used in the nanocomposite hydrogel preparation (NCI versus NC2).
A community with a rich natural capital is keen to learn best practices to protect and sustainably exploit their vital resources (see coefficient of variable NC2 for outcome PO3 in Table 6).
Similarly, it is also noticed that average throughput for NC-Aware routing scenario of NC4 remains significantly lower in comparison with NC2 and the proposed approach.
From the load-deflection curve of Figure 7, the ultimate bearing capacities of the specimens with a steel guard are significantly improved: from specimens NC4 to NC2 and NC4 to NC3.
In order to prove the stability and resistance of "S" coefficients in the second level of SVD, the NC1 resulted from comparison of "S" coefficients in first level will be compared to NC2 resulted from comparison of "S" coefficients in the second level.
Participant L1 Age Level in institute Control Group DC (M) Chinese 28 6 GC (M) Chinese 40 Institute grad KC (F) Chinese 25 5 NC1 (M) Japanese 29 3 NC2 (M) Thai 25 5 PC (F) Thai 34 6 TC (M) Chinese 30 5 VC (F) Chinese 23 4 Treatment Group AE (F) Chinese 24 Institute grad JE1 (M) Thai 43 5 JE2 (F) Chinese 19 5 KE1(F) Chinese 20 5 KE2 (M) Japanese 21 4 LE (F) Chinese 24 4 ME (F) Chinese 25 5 NE (F) Thai 26 5 OE (M) Thai 29 5 SE (F) Japanese 19 6 XE (F) Chinese 39 4 Appendix B.
Acquired initially by the British Broadcasting Corp (BBC) and subsequently by the United States-based NC2 Media, Lonely Planet remains the world's leading travel media company, extending from travel guide books to its own TV channel, magazines and an online community of millions worldwide.
(2011), with no enzymes; (2) NC1: negative control, diet with reductions of 75 kcal [kg.sup.-1] AME, 0.20 CP, 0.029% of digestible lysine, 0.020% digestible methionine + cystine, 0.014% digestible threonine, 0.10 Ca and 0.10% available P with no enzymes; (3) NC1 + EC1: diet NC1 with enzyme complex 1 (EC1); (4) NC2: negative control, with 7% over-estimated crude protein and amino acids of soybean meal, with no enzymes; (5) NC2+EC2: diet NC2 with enzyme complex 2 (EC2); (6) NC3: negative control, with nutritional reductions similar to NC1 and over-estimation of soybean meal (+7% for crude protein and amino acids), with no enzymes; (7) NC3+EC1+EC2: diet NC3 with enzyme complexes 1 and 2 (EC1 and EC2).
A comparison of a large-seeded (NC2) and a small-seeded (Starr) peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) cultivar as affected by levels of Ca added to the fruit zone.
Revo NC1 features many of the same benefits as the larger Revo NC2, in a smaller, more discreet size.