NCACESNorth Central Association for Counselor Education and Supervision
NCACESNorth Carolina Association of Cooperative Extension Specialists (community education)
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In attendance: Alan Goldberg, President; James Benshoff, President, SACES; Donald Haight, President, NARACES; Fred Bradley, Past President; Tarrell Portman, President, NCACES; Stephen Feit, President-Elect; Sandra Zimmermalm, President, WACES; David Zimpfer, Treasurer; Peg Olson, Secretary; Terri House, Graduate Student Representative; Donna Henderson, ACA Governing Council Representative Guests: Lori Brown, President-Elect, SACES; Fred Bemak; Michael Ingram, President-Elect, WACES; David Kleist, President-Elect, RMACES: Bill Kline; Kurt Kraus, President-Elect, NARACES
Portman will initiate discussion with NCACES Executive Council with regard to hosting 2007 conference.
The nominations and election process was discussed with the following names having been submitted for president and secretary: Susan Neufeldt (RMACES/WACES), John Geisler (NCACES), and Alan Goldberg (NARACES) for president; and Stephanie Puleo (SACES), Michael Luce (RMACES), Peg Olson (NCACES), Nelson (WACES), and Gary Goodnough (NARACES) for secretary.
Toni Tollerud presented the report for NCACES. Fall 2000 conference will be held in Indianapolis, IN, October 19-21.