NCAFANational Capital Amateur Football Association (Canada)
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MOTS CLES : chiropratique; dardage; traumatismes modulaires; commotions; football amateur; Canada; statistiques; prevention; NCAFA.
The Elimination of Spearing: the first objective of the NCAFA Trainers Group
(18,19) The NCAFA Trainers Group has made the elimination of spearing a priority.
In Canada, we find a combination of both the old and new systems however, the tendency leans toward the adoption of the new grading by several groups such as the Ontario Brain Injury Association (OBIA) (40), Judo Canada, (30) NCAFA, (20) ThinkFirst Canada, (29) and Canadian Family Physician (CFP).
(2,3,6,29) Table 3 below illustrates the protocol which has been proposed at NCAFA, according to the Prague symposium 2004 and the Boston Conference 2005.
Outcome of the preliminary NCAFA Trainers Group meeting
Following the August 2005 NCAFA presentation (21) to the Group of Trainers, an agreement was reached for a standard by which statistical information would be introduced.