NCAMNeural Cell Adhesion Molecule
NCAMNational Center for Accessible Media
NCAMNational Center for Advanced Manufacturing (New Orleans, LA)
NCAMNational Corporation for Antiquities and Museums (Sudan)
NCAMNorth Carolina Aviation Museum
NCAMNational Cybersecurity Awareness Month
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NCAM's business model was built on filling the voids left behind by the large Canadian banks and meeting the needs of "average" Canadians who increasingly feel left behind both as investors and as borrowers.
Em "NWEA--Image Description Guidelines for Assessments" (2017) ou em traducao livre "NWEA--diretrizes para a descricao de imagens em avaliacoes", a Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) em parceria com a NCAM desenvolveu manual de instrucoes para auxiliar ledores em processos de avaliacao.
The finding suggests it may be possible to counteract marijuana's effects by increasing the NCAM, though more research is needed to understand the mechanisms involved and determine whether the findings from studies in animals would translate to human babies.
As Ncam's VP Sports and Broadcast, Phil will lead the global business development and sales function for the sports, e-sports and broadcast sectors, working closely with CEO Nic Hatch to build on the company's foundations and grow further in these key vertical markets.
The aim of the present study was to evaluate E-cadherin, Slug and NCAM expressions in GH-secreting pituitary adenomas and their relationship to the degree of tumor invasiveness.
NCAM: neural cell adhesion molecule; MAP2: microtubule-associated protein 2; NeuN: neuron-specific nuclear protein; Fit-I: VEGF receptor 1; KDR: VEGF receptor 2; CD34: cluster of differentiation 34; ICAM-I: intercellular cell adhesion molecule-1; vWF: von Willebrand factor, DSP: dentin sialoprotein, DMP1: dentin matrix acidic phosphoprotein 1, BSP: bone sialoprotein, OCN: osteocalcin, MyoD1: myoblast determination protein 1; MHC: major histocompatibility complex; PCR: polymerase chain reaction; FC: flow cytometry; ICC: immunocytochemical.
However, cytokeratin (clone: AE1AE3), ^-catenin, progesterone receptor (PgR), thyroid transcription factor- (TTF-) 1, synaptophysin, thyroglobulin, surfactant apoprotein (SPA), epithelial-CMA (EpCAM), MUC5AC (a mucinous-associated protein), neural cell-CAM (NCAM), human melanin black (HMB) 45, and CD20 were negative (Figures 7(a) and 7(b)).
Mandys, "CD44 and its v6 spliced variant in lung carcinomas: relation to NCAM, CEA, EMA and UP1 and prognostic significance," Neoplasma, vol.
Several circulating proteins have been evaluated and include proteins with cell lineage such as GFAP [112], NCAM [113], and S100B [114], matricellular proteins and matrix metalloproteinases such as YKL-40, MMP2, MMP9 [115], TIMP-1, and osteopontin [116], and cytokines [117], growth factors, and growth factor receptors such as VEGF, FGF-2, PIGF, IGFBP-5, EGFR, VEGFR1 [118], and TGF-[beta]1 [119].
Furthermore, miR-30a-5p increases cell invasion by directly targeting NCAM in glioma cells.
Other neuroactive substances may also interact with these networks, e.g., steroid hormones, vasopressin, histamine, substance P, nitrogen monoxide (NO), neural cell adhesion molecule (NCAM), and interleukins [14].