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NCANNational College Access Network (est. 1995; college search utility)
NCANNational Catholic AIDS Network
NCANNational Coalition of American Nuns (est. 1969)
NCANNorth Carolina Association of Nurserymen
NCANNational Community Arts Network
NCANNorth Coast Accommodation Network (South Africa)
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In a communique after its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Lagos, NCAN said it had been able to improve local, national and international image for cashew brand.
Among the 315 patients with type 2 diabetes, 11.4% had NCAN, 51.1% had PCAN, and 37.5% had DCAN.
Through membership in the National College Access Network (NCAN), SAF leadership learned about Inceptia's Financial Avenue program.
In order to further study the reinforcement function of inner circular steel tube inside CFSST, this paper has changed diameter-thickness radio of inner tube with no change of the steel ratio and steel strength of the composite column, so different axial bearing capacity Ncan be obtained for every diameter-thickness radio of inner tube.
His side had looked tentative in the early stages until with half an hour gone Steven Nzonzi ran on to Geoff Cameron's long ball and turned it back for Adam to finish clinically te sta ho NCan A ca th from the edge of the area.
The study identified evidence for association with markers in the neurocan gene (NCAN) on chromosome 19p12, and rs2501843 on chromosome 1.
OT every university Ncan boast one of the most influential people in the world among its alumni.
What will happen if a gene is working but some mutation of ADK appears, such as arginine analogues (Cav, NCav, NCan, NsArg, and sArg) being incorporated instead of Arg in the active site of the enzyme?
The genetic variants examined included PNPLA3 (patatin-like phospholipase domain-containing protein 3), NCAN (neurocan), LYPLAL1 (lysophospholipase-like 1), GCKR (glucokinase regulatory protein), and PPP1R3B (protein phosphatase 1), regulatory subunit 3b.
A recent study [6] found genome-wide significant association between common variation in the gene neurocan (NCAN, rs1064395) and BD.