NCAPGNational Coalition of Autoimmune Patient Groups
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The NCAPG gene harbored the missense locus rs14491030 on GGA4 were considered as a candidate gene for all internal organs, SHH gene with intron harbored the SNP rs14491030 on GGA2 had an association with HW.
NCAPG harbored the missense rs14491030 was a candidate gene for all internal weight.
NCAPG (GO: 0007076, 0000793, 0005737, 0000779, 0000796) is a major player in cellular maintenance processes and a major contributor to genetic variability in bovine feed efficiency [23].
Adipose and muscle tissue gene expression of two genes (NCAPG and LCORL) located in a chromosomal region associated with cattle feed intake and gain.
Recent studies have reported on association of the non-SMC condensing I complex, a subunit of the G (NCAPG) gene, with body weight and carcass weight in the QTL region of chromosome 6 in the Japanese Black half-sib family (Takasuga et al., 2007; Eberlein et al., 2009; Setoguchi et al., 2009).