NCARPNorthern Cod Adjustment and Recovery Program (Canada)
NCARPNorth Carolina Angler Recognition Program (fishing)
NCARPNorth Carolina Association of Rehabilitation Professionals
NCARPNew COPS (Computer Oracle and Password System) Analysis and Report Program (Unix)
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The two GCMs and climate change scenarios utilized in this study are the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCARP) GCM with the B2 scenario (NCARPCM B21--a low greenhouse gas emission future) and the Center for Climate System Research (CCSR) GCM with the Al scenario (CCSRNIES All--a high greenhouse gas emission future).
The main programmes implemented in response to the crisis were the Northern Cod Adjustment and Recovery Program (NCARP) in 1992 and the Atlantic Groundfish Strategy (TAGS) in 1994, the latter including a stated objective to reduce harvesting capacity by at least 50 per cent.
The advent of the Northern Cod Moratorium (1992) and the NCARP and TAGS income support programs resulted in Newfoundlanders in coastal communities who had abundant (albeit unwanted) free time and disposable income.