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Formaldehyde was analyzed on a Varian Cary 100 Bio Ultraviolet--Visible spectrophotometer according to the NCASI 98.01 procedure (NCASI 2010).
To this end, total VOC emissions as carbon per every 30 seconds were first calculated as per the NCASI method, which includes instrument response, dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature, total flow rate, sample flow rate, atmospheric pressure, and moisture content of exhaust stack air.
They are often measured by NCASI (National Council for Air and Stream Improvement) Method 98.01.
All can be found in the National Council for Air and Stream Improvement's Methods Manual (NCASI 2007).
To this end, first total VOC emissions as carbon per minute were calculated as per NCASI (4) method, which includes: instrument response, total flow rate, sample flow rate, atmospheric pressure, and MC of exhaust stack air.
Another service offered by NCASI is the Kuder Career Planning System, designed to help individuals discover their career interests, provide the opportunity to explore a variety of occupations, and promote lifelong career planning by professionally recording career development activities.
The first five entries in Table 1 are an average of two paired pre and postcolumn NCASI Method 105 tests.
Published emission factors and fuel consumption statistics suggest that methane and nitrous oxide emissions from combustion of all fuels (on a C[O.sub.2] equivalents basis) amount to approximately 5 percent of the C[O.sub.2] emissions from fossil fuel combustion (IPCC 2006, NCASI 2005).
A Direct Aqueous Injection Gas Chromatographic Method for Measuring Reduced Sulfur Compounds in Pulp Mill Effluents, by Alex Gholson, NCASI, Dean Hey, NCASI, and Laura Chambers, OI Analytical Inc
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Two impinger trains were operated to sample for methanol and formaldehyde according to NCASI method 98.01 (NCASI, 1998).