NCASTNursing Child Assessment Satellite Training (child development program; University of Washington; Seattle, WA)
NCASTNigerian College of Arts, Science and Technology
NCASTNational Canadian Association of Skilled Trades
NCASTNevada Coalition against Sex Trafficking
NCASTNanoengineered Cancer Screening and Therapy
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(2013) NCAST Caregiver/Parent-Child Interaction Teaching Manual, Seattle: NCAST Programs, University of Washington, School of Nursing.
In 1957, the school of Pharmacy, Yaba, Lagos was moved to Ibadan as a Department in the former NCAST, Ibadan.
NCast's Telepresenter M3 Series 2 captures, composes, records and streams all content from a single appliance.
Like the NCAST HOME, each item is scored "yes" or "no," and a total score is computing by counting the number of "yes" responses.
Using the NCAST Teaching Scale, they found participants in the intervention program outperformed the control group in the area of parent-child interaction.
THE CUTTING EDGE OF BUSINESS START-UPS: From the left, Gary Scott of ScottLogic, Roy Alexander of NCast, Vic Morgan of PointOV and Siobhan Bales of B Group mark the filling up of space at i6 in Newcastle.
Additional tools listed by individual programs were the Clinical Linguistic and Auditory Milestone Test (CLAMS), the Vineland, Bayley, Peabody, Draw a Person, Brazelton Infant Behavioral Assessment Tool, and the Nursing Child Assessment Satellite Training (NCAST).
Newcastle-based nCast has developed a TV channel solution for 'i6', the media and ICT business incubator housing up to 25 new hi-tech businesses at Charlotte Square in Newcastle.
Many nurses routinely use the Nursing Child Assessment Satellite Training (NCAST) assessment and the Home Observation, for the Measurement of the Environment (HOME) in their clinical care and research.
Speakers include Paul Sutherland of think M, Roy Snelling of nCast, Justin Turner of CarrotMedia, Susan Bilton of ARC Associates and Jackie Wade of Winning Sales.
Conference Technology Group Genesys Conferencing Interwise NCast Corp.
Runners-up: CRS Engineering, Alnwick; NCast, Newcastle