NCAWNational Commission for the Advancement of Women (Laos)
NCAWNational Clearinghouse on Academic Worklife (student and faculty resources)
NCAWNational Council of African Women
NCAWNeutralized Current Acid Waste
NCAWNorth Carolinians for Alternatives to War
NCAWNational Common Analysis Wing (India)
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He was the son of legendary parents with Malay poetic titles, Encaw Tincung Bukun Jangaw (or, Ncaw Tencung/Kincung etc.; Encaw/Ncaw = Lejiw, Lejaw <G, K, B>/Lenjaw <Kenyah>) and Dayang Ankung Telor Jelaw, (80) who were born from eggs given by the Thunder God (Blaley') to Lua' Ay and Lua' Yo: (lua'= teknonym after the death of the father), just like the case of the early Bahau in the Kutai kingdom (3-3).
"I'm an optimistic person, so I don't predict doomsday for reefs--just yet," says NCAWs Kleypas, who recently received the Heinz Award for her work on climate change and coral reefs.
For example, the word "coj" has multiple meanings in the Hmong language such as to deliver, plant or take, or to suggest a change or transition, while it also forms part of the compound word "coj khaub ncaws" ("to menstruate").