NCBBNebraska Community Blood Bank (Lincoln, NE)
NCBBNationale Collectie Bescherming Bevolking (Dutch: National Population Protection Organization; civil defense)
NCBBNational Conference of Brazilian Bishops (est. 1952)
NCBBNational Cord Blood Bank (National Health Service; UK)
NCBBNorthern Colorado Bed and Breakfasts
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"While NCBB benefits from time and cost savings, what really matters is that the entire process has been streamlined using BBCS SRQ on Motion Tablet PCs, meaning we can get blood to those in need faster and more safely," said Jason Fenner, director of information systems with NCBB.
As a result of the combined solution, the NCBB has increased efficiency, saved time and reduced errors in UDHQ processing; enhancing overall employee and donor satisfaction.
Na hipotese de transferencia do direito de superficie, o NCBB veda a estipulacao de qualquer valor com fundamento nela.