NCBCPSNational Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools (Greensboro, NC)
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In short, students will leave this course with the understanding of the Bible apparently held by most members of the NCBCPS and with little awareness of views held by other religious groups or within the academic community.
The NCBCPS claims that its curriculum is being used in hundreds of public schools.
While the BLP has received a somewhat mixed reaction in the biblical studies and civil liberties communities, even its critics acknowledge that it is a more appropriate choice than the NCBCPS curriculum.
66) It apparently followed the NCBCPS curriculum further by teaching that NASA has discovered missing days in time that correspond to biblical stories (Joshua 10, 2 Kings 20:8-11); this claim is, of course, a thoroughly discredited urban legend.
The version of the NCBCPS curriculum used by Brazosport encouraged students to accept the reliability of the story of Noah's ark by treating it as a math exercise, asking, "Approximately how many animals were on the ark the size of a rhesus monkey?
Some courses, particularly those using the NCBCPS curriculum, reflect Christian Americanist assumptions.
At eleven, the number of Texas school districts using this curriculum is considerably lower than the fifty-two claimed by the NCBCPS on its web site (that number has recently been removed).
As could be expected, the NCBCPS faced criticism and controversy on its way to being implemented.
Joseph Skinner, who attended the Odessa school board meeting at which the NCBCPS curriculum was approved, and who supports the vote for the NCBCPS curriculum, points out the important criterion: "I could see what they're saying [about the NCBCPS being sectarian], but if you want to teach the Bible, you don't want someone biased against the Bible teaching about it.
Earlier this year, a public school in Texas settled a lawsuit involving the teaching of the NCBCPS curriculum.
The NCBCPS claims its curriculum is taught in hundreds of schools nationwide, but the group refuses to provide a list and the numbers are suspect.
Chancey concluded that the NCBCPS course was riddled with shoddy research and promoted religion.