NCBRFNisonger Child Behavior Rating Form
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The investigators used unpaired t-tests for between-group comparisons of NCBRF scores for conduct, anxiety, hyperactivity, and overly sensitive behaviors, and Spearman's correlations to determine the relationship within the autism group between mood/behavior problems, autism symptoms, and repetitive behavior subtypes.
Additionally, within the ASD group, "the RBS-R total score was significantly correlated with all four NCBRF subscales," Dr.
In contrast, none of the NCBRF subscales correlated significantly with the SCQ social or communication measures.
Risperidone was associated with significant improvements on the self-isolated and ritualistic, adaptive social, compliant and calm, self-injury, and stereotyped subscales of the NCBRF, and the ABC related to irritability, lethargy, social withdrawal, inappropriate speech, and stereotyped behavior.