NCCAHNational Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health (est. 2004; Canada)
NCCAHNational Council for Culture, Arts and Heritage (Qatar)
NCCAHNon-Classical Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (endocrinology)
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Non-classical CAH (NCCAH), is much more common than classical CAH.
NCCAH is a variation of CAH that: can begin at any time from early childhood to early adulthood; is not immediately life-threatening; has a range of symptoms which overlap with other disorders and therefore may not be easily diagnosed; is less likely to be diagnosed promptly.
NCCAH symptoms vary from person to person; in addition one person's symptoms may come and go over time.
With proper treatment, the outlook for a healthy life with NCCAH is excellent.
New Developments in Treatment and Research on CAH and NCCAH
Findings of genital virilization are not observed at birth in NCCAH patients.
Pubertal girls affected with NCCAH typically present with hirsutism (24,25).
Although a high 17-OHP level is diagnostic in classical CAH cases, this finding may be insufficient for a diagnosis of NCCAH. Therefore, the ACTH test is accepted as the gold standard for a diagnosis of NCCAH.
Boys suspected of NCCAH should be tested immediately (32).
17-OHP levels of 21 cases were determined to be over 10 ng/mL after ACTH, but only five of the cases (24%) were diagnosed definitely with NCCAH by using urinary steroid profile and genetic data.
NCCAH phenotype is detected in 98 % of the cases with mutation V28IL.