NCCBMNational Council for Cement and Building Materials
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NCCBM are a key Chinese research consultancy with extensive experience in Chinese gas developments.
Tenders are invited for Cleaning of existing rain water harvesting chamber 5 no at nccbm ballabhagarh
Tenders are invited for A sitc of solar water heating system at newly constructed hostel block at nccbm campus ballabgarh b/ provision of gi pipe for cold and hot water solar system at nccbm ballabhgarh electrical work and civil work
This Framework has been prepared by the Ministry of Mines from the study conducted on sand mining in various States and intensive consultations with institutions like National Council for Cement and Building Materials (NCCBM), Cement Manufacture Association (CMA), Public and other stakeholders while preparing the sand mining framework.
Frame 45 cm dia x 4.75 mm (AIM-Q5130) 1,Sieve Grass Frame 20 cm dia x 4.75mm ( AIM -05302) 1,Sieve Drass Frame 20 cm dia x 2.06 mm ( AIM-05306) 1,Sieve Brass Frame 20 cm dia x 1.18 mm (AIM-15310) 1,Sieve Brass Frame 20 cm dia x 600 microns ( AIM-05314) 1,Sieve Brass Frame 20 cm dia x 360 microns ( AIM-05318) 1,Concrete test Hammer with NCCBM Calibrated ( AIM-388) 1,Slump Tost Apparatus with tosling rod & base plate AIM-334)1,Core Cutter ( AIM-161)1,Speedy Moisture Meter, Range 0-25 % ( Gauge Div.:0.5%) with digital weighting balance (AIM-036-1)1,Electronic Balance,Capacity 30 Kg x 5 g( AIM-9011-1) 1
Tenders are invited for O and e of e and m installations in nccbm hyderabad during 2018.19 sh o and m of substation equipment.