NCCCSNorth Carolina Community College System
NCCCSNational Coordinating Council for Cancer Surveillance (est. 1995)
NCCCSNorthern California Coastal Circulation Study
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* positively impacted NCCCS Accountability Measures (performance funding).
Since the BPA program is also funded at the highest level in the NCCCS tiered funding formula system, the space request was approved.
However, the enrollment projections will be revisited and recalculated annually with actual enrollments adjusted to the Budget FTE number as reported annually in the NCCCS State Budget Report.
To address these issues, the NCCCS implemented the Code Green Super Curriculum Improvement Process (C313.
According to the vice president of the state level NCCCS, "If you didn't have this partnership, colleges wouldn't be offering free education to prisons because they would have no way to recoup any money." This study also showed that since 1987 there has been a continuation of laws passed which the participants felt helped improve correctional education.
All of the participants in the study agreed that currently there was no research being conducted by the NCCCS or the DOC on female offenders.
In a study examining the leadership styles of division deans within the NCCCS, Sypawka (2008) found that over 53% of the participants were between the ages of 51-60 years of age and 26% were between the ages of 41-50.
"I think that reflects the level of support we had," said Kennon Briggs, vice president for business and finance for NCCCS.
NCCCS will host a legislative breakfast in January, and Briggs said similar events would take place on the campus level with legislative delegations.
In this study, North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) graduates from 1986-1987 were examined 10 years after graduation to see if they had gained additional education and salary.
The existence of this economy of scale phenomenon presents a special challenge to the NCCCS. The state operates an unusually high proportion of colleges in the smaller enrollment categories--29% of the state's community colleges enroll fewer than 1,000 full-time equivalent students, compared with only 21% regionally, and 15% nationally.