NCCESNorth Carolina Cooperative Extension Service
NCCESNorth Central Charter Essential School (Fitchburg, MA)
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We must rely solely on fundraising and loans," said NCCES Executive Director Stephanie Davolos.
After a rigorous process, NCCES opened with 200 students in the fall of 2002.
She became involved with the club at NCCES after her son, Travis Stewart, started attending classes at the school three years ago.
NCCES families travel to Fitchburg from as far away as Orange, Rutland, Barre, Harvard and Clinton to access the innovative learning environment.
NCCES is an Essential School, part of a network of more than 1,000 schools across the country that follow a common set of guidelines to make learning more effective, more meaningful and more powerful.
She is a founding staff member at NCCES, having served as the school counselor and director of special education when the school opened in 2002, and appointed director of student services in 2005.
Three hundred families from more than 25 communities choose NCCES for their students' middle and high school education.
The NCCES approach, which includes personalized, project-based learning, development of strong communication skills, and collaborative team building places this school at the forefront of education's future.