NCCHCANorth Carolina Community Health Center Association (Morrisville, NC)
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Rosa Navarro, Director of Training & Technical Assistance at NCCHCA, presented the 2010 Steve Shore Community Catalyst Award to Ms.
In an effort to continually improve the quality of ECMSF, NCCHCA implemented its "Tracking to Success" (TTS) process for the second year.
As the opening plenary continued, NCCHCA Special Populations Coordinator, Rosa Navarro, offered an anecdote of the exciting journey she embarked on securing John Quinones, ABC Correspondent for Primetime and 20/20, as this year's Opening Plenary Keynote Speaker.
Sonya Bruton, CEO of NCCHCA presented the 2008 Steve Shore Community Catalyst Award to UConn Migrant Farm Worker Clinic for the role they take in increasing access to health care through a student-run clinic.
The slides included photos of past and present East Coast Conferences, with a special focus on Sonya Bruton, NCCHCAs CEO as she embarks on a new career path.
NCCHCA Chief Executive Officer Sonya Bruton gave a welcome speech, followed by local greetings and welcome from Walter "Mickey" Presha, Executive Director of Manatee Rural Health Care Services, Inc.
NCCHCA leaves you with best wishes and continued success.
NCCHCA Executive Director Sonya Bruton gave a welcome speech, followed by local greetings and welcome from Lathran Woodard, Executive Director of the South Carolina Primary Care Association.
Each year NCCHCA strives to provide a wealth of knowledge to attendees, the migrant health professionals and advocates from federally funded Migrant/Community Health Centers and other community-based health, social, legal and faith-based organizations serving farmworkers.