NCCHDNational Center for Child Health and Development (Tokyo, Japan)
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Prior to proceeding to the full study, the basic network performance was evaluated from February through December 2005 using diverse test modalities including the video signal transmission between the UCSF and the NTT Musashino Research and Development Center (R&D Center), and, then, both the connection and data transmission via GEMnet2 between the Musashino R&D Center and NCCHD were examined a couple of times.
To overcome these current difficulties, NTT has launched a joint investigation with NCCHD to build up a new fetal telemedicine system.
In addition, in March 2005, the GEMnet2 connection between NCCHD and the NTT R&D Center was completed along with the testing a MPEG2 3-dimensional scanner encoder (to confirm basic quality in local transmission tests).
Based on these outcomes combined with prospective approvals of the medical ethics committee of both NCCHD and UCSF, experimental fetal telediagnoses will be implemented involving remote prenatal treatment via the transmission of 3-dimentional ultrasound data and fetoscopic images.
NTT, NCCHD (Tokyo), UCSF (San Francisco), Children's Hospital Boston (Boston), Sunrise Telecom (San Jose)
NCCHD has been planning to build networks among medical centers intensively involved in advanced prenatal diagnosis and treatment.
The NCCHD recorded 35,682 live births in 2011 to Welsh residents - with 6.9% attributed to mothers aged under 20, compared to 10.3% in 2001.