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NCCPNational Center for Children in Poverty (Columbia University)
NCCPNational Coaching Certification Program (Canada)
NCCPNational Consumer Credit Protection Act (Australian)
NCCPNatural Community Conservation Planning (California)
NCCPNational Council of Churches in the Philippines
NCCPNoncardiac Chest Pain
NCCPNational Climate Change Process (Canada)
NCCPNorthern California Citizenship Project
NCCPNet Centric Capabilities Pilot (US DoD Joint Forces Command)
NCCPNorth Carolina Certified Paralegal
NCCPNovosibirsk Chemical Concentrate Plant (Novosibirsk. Russia)
NCCPNational Coordinated Cataloging Program
NCCPNational College of Chest Physicians (India)
NCCPNuclear Command and Control Procedure
NCCPNew Concept Chemical Products (Bellingham, WA)
NCCPNet-Centric Collaborative Planning (Army Battle Command System)
NCCPNavigational Aids Central Control Panel (mechanical equipment)
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We stand with them as they cry out for the killings and attacks to stop,' the NCCP said in a statement.
However, in many cases, the report found that NCCPs were more aspirational than operational, with lofty ambitions not matched by reality and budgets.
It added: "Let us shun those who bear the sins of corruption, those who push for ill-conceived development and those who seek power but lackreal accountability to the people." NCCP also stressed that voting should be an "act of faith in practice, not just an act of self-interest.
Samaraweera, Director, NCCP, Ministry of Health Dr.
In this regard, PARC established microbial bio-resources repository: National Culture Collection of Pakistan (NCCP) for preservation of this bio-asset of Pakistan.
In this specific summit, I made a presentation on cancer care and the National Cancer Control Program (NCCP) in Turkey.
The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources' (FAHR) opened a childcare centre for its employees as part of the National Corporate Child Care Project (NCCP), which was launched in 2009.
To check the similarities, normalized cross correlation power (NCCP) was applied to each result in Figure 9-11 [10].
According to the Sindh NCCP subsidy Bill, 2017, the NCPP's, mostly owned by Anwar Majeed's OMNI group will be entitled to cover the difference of tariff per unit through a subsidy by the Sind Govt for10 years, and that to extendable by just a gazette notification.
Aaron Kneas, a managing director with New Century Capital Partners (NCCP) represented the Vizion team on the transaction.
Many types of parameters are used to distinguish USAP patients from non-cardiac chest pain patients (NCCP) patients (8).
The National Cancer Control Program (NCCP) is engaged in ensuring primary prevention of cancers by addressing risk factors and determinants by improved public awareness and empowerment.